digital marketing during a pandemic

In these uncertain times, the only thing that’s certain is we’re all tired of hearing that times are uncertain. Have your marketing objectives changed? How has your messaging evolved throughout this crisis? Where are you looking to shift your focus in a world of social distancing?

beat the competition

The last time the economy became shaky, those who took action saw revenue substantially increase. Research shows that online engagement is the highest it’s ever been. "Sales of companies that took an aggressive advertising approach during the recession had risen 256% over those that failed to keep up or increase their advertising spending"- McGraw-Hill Research, Laboratory of Advertising Performance Report 5262 Now is the best time to think about redesigning your website, PPC campaigns, and using social media to reach your target audience and grow your business.

you need a marketing plan

Trade shows, event sponsorships, and the like may be on hold or struggle to give you the return on investment you’re used to. Brands are turning to digital marketing channels to fill the gap, and even our digital savvy clients are asking about ways to expand their efforts. That means things are about to get crowded in the digital space. You need a partner that knows what works and what doesn’t so you can cut through the clutter.

a marketing hero

Solution Agency can help you create a custom digital marketing strategy, manage PPC campaigns, design and develop a modern, professional website, and much more. Our copywriters, graphic artists and video production professionals create content that is on-brand and motivates your audience to act. You need a partner that knows what works and what doesn’t so you can cut through the clutter. You need a marketing hero. You need The Solution Agency.

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    Why work with The Solution Agency?

    full service

    A single point of contact, supported by a team with a diverse skill-set, able to execute any marketing strategy.


    We understand that solutions need to be delivered promptly to capture the opportunity.

    data driven

    We know the KPIs that drive your businesses growth, and let the data inform the most effective marketing solution.


    In the end, results are what matter. We don’t waste your time and budget dollars on frivolities that don’t improve results.


    Our quality of service is a reflection of our brand. We provide the level of service that earns referrals from our clients.


    Decades of experience designing, developing, and implementing various marketing strategies gives us the confidence to guarantee performance.


    Each step of the customer journey presents a unique opportunity to entice the customer to text the next step. Segmentation and targeting are necessary for a successful digital marketing campaign and achieving your ROI. We create digital assets and messaging that resonates at each step in the journey. Our team specializes in converting prospects into customers.


    Customers interact with your brand in an ever-growing number of communication mediums and channels. For the best ROI, each experience needs to be uniquely formatted for the user.


    A well-designed product page is crucial to conversion and sales. The product images, reviews, CTA, and a seamless checkout experience are just a few things needed for a successful eCommerce strategy.

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    Discover the Solution that’s right for you. We are committed to maximizing the return on your marketing investment.

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