Popular Styles of Videos To Promote Your Brand

The increasing importance of video means that creating consistent, high-quality video content is essential for staying a step ahead. As video continues to grow in popularity, any marketer or business owner who wants to stay on top of their digital marketing game should be using video content.  By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic (Cisco). Utilizing videos to promote or expand your company, product or overall brand is becoming one of the most engaging forms of online content. With more ways to share and promote, it can be difficult to decide what style of video works best for you.

If you are looking to utilize video content to sell your brand we have put together a list of different styles of video that can help you decide how to get started.

Company Overview / Brand Videos

For a small to medium-size company, this is a great way to show off your team and its capabilities. Incorporating a few members from the team via short interviews, shots showing team collaboration and a fun work environment helps show clients who they will be working with. These videos can give a behind-the-scenes look at the personality of your company while showing the number of team members that can be devoted to the needs of a project.

Event Videos

Whether you are looking to get people interested in an upcoming event or you are wanting to reflect on a successful event. Utilizing a video to show the excitement and effort involved, brings eyes and attention to your business. It can be hard enough to organize and run an event. Being able to rely on a professional video team to capture the event in its entirety will help make the process easier. As well as help to highlight all the different speakers or aspects of the event that can benefit you in the future.

Expert Interviews

For companies looking to dive deeper into their expertise or practices, having a one person sit down interview will help portray the importance of what you do. Interview videos can cover multiple topics while focusing on the importance of one topic at a time. Most of the time these types of videos only require a one-day shoot to record the actual interviews. With these types of shoot days, we can capture a full library of videos that can be utilized and spread out in a series format. This can help you capture multiple aspects of what your business does and deliver it out to consumers, in a very personal yet professional way.

Educational & How-To Videos

Consumers love to have video content to reference and show them how to do something correctly. If you have a product, an educational series or even just want to show off your personal knowledge on how you created or built something… how to navigate through a website, educational & how-to videos are the way to go. Having someone on screen giving a step-by-step example showing the proper way to use a product, always brings engagement. These types of videos also bring confidence to the consumer that they can trust your product or company.

With 87% of video marketers saying that video has increased traffic to their website and 80% claiming that video has directly increased sales  ( HubSpot ).

Get Started with Video

The video styles listed above are a great way to bring your audience closer to your brand. Users want to connect with the brands they follow and feel like they are involved in the process. Pulling back the curtain and showing how your products work, who you and your team are.  Giving them all the important information will bring you a bigger more devoted audience.

If you need to create a high-quality video with consistent output, the best option is to hire a company like Solution Agency. Our media team can help you decide on what video style works best for your company and create high-quality video content that holds the viewer’s attention.

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    5 Things To Expect: Video Projects

    So you are thinking about using a video to educate potential and or existing clients but you are unsure where to start.  Well you are in luck.  This post should answer all your questions.  If you have any additional questions about getting your next video project started – let’s connect!  We are here to help.

    1. Select the Type of Video You Need

    Paused Video Of A Man Talking

    Before you do anything you need to decide what type of video you want to use to tell your story.   If you don’t already have an idea of what you want, we can help guide you through the process.  Solution Agency can create many different types of videos to help you achieve your goals.

    Some of the types of videos we can create are:

    • About us
    • How to 
    • Drone
    • Pump up
    • Testimonial
    • 2d and 3d animation
    • Motion graphics 
    • Product videos

    Feeling stuck for ideas? A quick Youtube search, or peak at your competition could help to get your creative juices flowing. If you see a video you love, send us the link! Or our team is here to help you brainstorm different video types and send video examples that we like to get you inspired.

    2. Write a Script

    Image Of Someone Typing On a Computer With The Google Docs Logo & Microsoft Office Logo In The Bottom Corner

    The next step is to write a script. This may sound scary, but in our experience a good script is key to the overall success of the video. You can write your script however you want but we recommend using an easily shareable Google Doc. Don’t let the blank piece of paper scare you.  Round one of your script can be as simple as an outline of your general thoughts. Nail down your main points, then send it over to our team.

    Once we have your script, we will review it and make some suggestions.  This could include moving stuff around, shortening the copy, or we may send some questions back to you about a particular item. In some cases we are able to create the “final” script in just one round!  Your team can make any edits to the script throughout this process and we will keep making tweaks until you feel comfortable with the final messaging.

    It is easy to over-think your script, don’t fall into this trap. If you feel stuck or that it is being over complicated, let us help you.  Writing your initial script should take about an hour, the most important thing is just getting the script started. I will bet you a coke that if you send us something to start with – anything! –  we can send back a pretty solid script to take back to your team and get excited about.

    We suggest creating a script for almost all videos – even testimonials.  The cool thing is you can always tweak them and try something different when we get to recording the audio for the video.

    3. Create The Storyboard

    Image Of Pencil Sketches On White Paper

    Once we have the “final” script we create the storyboard for your video. In most cases you don’t have to do anything here. Our team will think of what is needed.  If you have any suggestions we welcome them. Depending on what type of video we are making there are different levels of involvement clients will have with their storyboard.  

    For a simple interview video it might just be a Google Doc with a list of a few locations we are shooting at and some notes. For more complex videos we might storyboard out each section of the video and match up the storyboard to the script to know how the voiceover will flow.  This way you can move stuff around before we start shooting the video, plan to buy any needed stock footage, or build the animations or motion graphics.

    If your team does need to do something during the storyboarding process, it is usually a minimal lift on your team – something like sending us pictures of the location(s) we are shooting at or sending us files that might be used in the video.  Either way, we promise this step will be a fun and easy one.

    4. Voiceover / Shoot The Video

    Image Of Colorful Sound Waves On A Graph

    Most videos use voiceover.  There are a couple different ways to capture the voiceover.  We can have a voiceover artist read your script, or actually shoot an “interview” with someone on your team reading the script.

    “You mean I might have to be on camera being interviewed? No thank you.”  Before you stop reading and leave we promise to make this process as easy and nerve-free as possible.  We have a teleprompter that we pull the script up on and you just read off the screen.  We can edit the script if needed and you can take as many takes as you need.  We will cut up the audio in post production, so don’t stress if you don’t nail it the first time.  We love bloopers!

    What we want to avoid is you speed reading the script or reading it like a robot.  But – we know you’ll do great.  You will be ready for Hollywood when we are finished shooting your video.

    If needed, the second part of step four is capturing b-roll.  Typically this is your “main character(s)” interacting with others or doing something.  Again we will make this super easy.  The hardest part is cleaning up the different locations.  But not to worry, our video team is strong, and they are used to moving a piece of furniture or two when needed.

    5. Reviewing The Initial Cut

    Image Of Popcorn In A Yellow & Red Striped Container Labeled Popcorn

    Get the popcorn out, it is time to review the initial cut of your video.  Can you believe it – you are finished!  Only thing left is to tell us what you think of the initial video.  We can make whatever changes are needed and then your video is ready to be shared with the world.   

    4 Pro Tips for Shooting On Location

    Below are just a few pro tips for shooting on location.

    1. Make sure the location is as clean as possible before shoot day.
    2. Have your talent dress in clothes that match and are not distracting.
    3. Run over the script a few times beforehand.
    4. Just relax and have fun – It could be worse – you could have to work that day.

    Lights, Camera, Action!

    We told you that would be easy!  Now that you have a general idea of what a video shoot day looks like with Solution Agency, give our team a call to get a meeting set up.  We are excited to work with you on whatever video project ideas you have in mind and help you bring your ideas to life.

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